Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Maltese Fair - Saturday 26th June 2010

In a couple of weeks there's a Maltese fair in East London run by the Maltese Culture Movement, it's mainly to celebrate the feast of St. Paul & St Peter (Imnarja), but stalls will be set up where you can buy traditional Maltese food, snacks and drinks including frozen pastizzi you can take home to cook and the national soft drink, Kinnie.

Date: Saturday 26 June 2010

Roland Philipps Scouts Centre in East London, 65 Copley Street, (off Stepney Way) London E1 3DF.

Time: It's after mass (11am), so the stalls should be up and running by noon.

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The Grubworm said...

Ever since you told me about the Sicilian/Moorish/Spanish influences on Maltese cuisine I really want to get there. And all that rabbit on the menu looks really delicious.

Mer said...

I'd say if you do, avoid high summer (unless you like 45 deg weather) best to go in spring or autumn.