Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Sorry about the hiatus folks

Sorry about the lack of post the last several weeks. Alot has been happening and the blog has taken a bit of a back burner. Among other things: I went to New York for a week and a half, got engaged, organised bathroom renovations (to be happening in June), trying to make wedding plans (in my head for now) and getting over a cold.

I have bought a new cookbook, which I shall feature some recipes from (tried a few out on the other half and his mum on Sunday and they turned out great!). And I have also learned to bake bread properly, so that may be a feature soon - you should see the pleading looks I get when I take a new loaf out of the oven.

Hope to see a few more comments again!

Much love,

Mer x


FlavourSmash said...

Hi Mary, glad you like the look of the chicken, give it a try it tastes just the same - but without the guilt! Good to see you back... and congratulations. x

Mer said...

Thank you! I might try the chicken this weekend (looks like it's going to rain, so perfect time to cook). The other-half is making suggestions on making it more like hot'n'spicy stuff that KFC do, so we shall see. :)