Wednesday, 13 February 2008

First post here!

Testing, testing, one, two...three.

Righto, welcome to the very first post of my food blog
Did you put garlic?. Those who know me know I love cooking - and I mean the whole process of it: Selecting and buying the ingredients (just try and drag me away from Borough Market on a Saturday), preparing, cooking, eating it and just as importantly, having others enjoy it.

So, why the title
Did you put garlic? Well, it is a bit of an homage to my mother. Since I moved to London from Melbourne I developed a bit of a habit calling her while I was cooking, since it meant I had enough time to chat to her and she would be at home getting ready to start the day. Naturally the topic always turned to food since she'll ask what I was doing and, without fail, every time I was cooking a savoury dish (especially one she used to make), she would promptly ask (now imagine this in a heavy Maltese accented smokers voice) "Did you put garlic?".

It became a catchphrase, and one my partner constantly imitates.

Oh, and don't worry - I never forget the garlic.


richard said...

Hi Mer

I've just spent an idle hour at work skipping around the web looking at the work of fellow food bloggers, and came across your site. I particularly like your 'What I've been eating/drinking'lists on the right.

Thought you might be interested in this soup which as well as being delicious also definitely contains garlic:

All the best
Richard (yumblog)

Mer said...

Oh, wow. Thanks, you're my first "not someone I know from real life or on the internet" commenter! Thanks for the link, I'll add you to the blog roll. :)

richard said...

Hi Mer

Exciting innit! Thanks for the link, have added a reciprocal link from yumblog. Keep cooking and blogging. Best, R.

Helen said...

Just found this blog via the Eating Eurovision one... Really made me laugh - my Mum's Maltese, though she moved here with her parents when she was young...

Our catchphrase (about my Grandma) is.... "you have to put an egg"!

Mer said...

she says it even more now thanks to the little bit of "fame" she's received. lol