Thursday, 14 February 2008

Future Attempt

For my next attempt at cooking something I have never tried doing myself before I'm going to rely on a good ol' Waitrose recipe.

Those with nut allergies, keep out of my kitchen! I'm going to try and make Massaman Lamb Curry this weekend. Though I'm afraid I'm going to cheat and buy a curry paste ready made instead of doing it from scratch - I know, I know, I've said it before I hate ready made sauces, but occasionally having at least just the basic paste helps.

Marco Pierre White himself swears by Knorr stock cubes (so do I
and so does my mother - a woman who for the first 20-odd years of her life, always made stock from scratch). You should be allowed to cheat in your kitchen - but not too much! For example, jarred Bolognese sauce? Disgusting!

Speaking of which, I must remember to post my Bolognese recipe (lovingly adapted from my mother's recipe,
who took it from her mother). The secret ingredient is curry powder (with my little addition of nutmeg, thanks to an idea one of the guys at work gave me - Chris, if you read this, cheers!).


Miss Teacups said...

*foodgasm* Can I put in a request for a Mexican recipe sometime soon? ;)

Mer said...

I have never made Mexican food ever! But I can try and find something...what's nice and healthy?